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Ideas on what to plant now or soon

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I am about to harvest garlic and my sugar snap peas will be finished producing before too much longer. I was thinking of planting more lettuce or spinach since we eat so much of that, but what else do people like to plant during the summer for a fall harvest? Or, what ideas are there for veggies to plant a bit later in the summer for a later fall harvest?

I'm in Illinois about 40 miles west of Chicago. Yes, we're in a drought now, but it always rains eventually!

Give me your thoughts!
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I'm thinking root veggies would be good things to plant now - beets, carrots, or the like. Probably getting a bit too late and hot for lettuce and spinach, unless you have a shaded area to plant that. I'm actually going to plant some more lettuce this wknd, but I have one corner of my garden that is shaded by a large tree, so I just want to see if it'll work in that spot. I've never tried it before. If you get tomatos or peppers as already established plants, you could transplant those for a late summer harvest also.
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