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Introducing Big Mama Twin!

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He~llo everybody!

The name is Tieshia, and drawing and planting is my game. Created a test garden the prior year and it all went ka-splat! Had clay-like soil and used potting soil. Today I used a ph test in the same spot and gained knoweledge of its neutral taste. Taking that spot and enlarging it into a proper plot, still a beginner and'll need help everynow and again. Don't do much painting but getting the hang of it, blocked off on my story, could use someone's opionion. Pardon the spelling, but its just how I d~o. Annoying Orange man, your my man. Year away from legal drinking, just can't wait for some of that Russia Roulet. African hair hard to maintain, had it long in elementary, but growing back now. Invert is my playing ground and should you try to step in, I'll be like the shadows.

Planting is my interest but the weather just wont work, zone 6 man, why are you so cold? Its spring mia dios! let the warmth comma through. Backyard strangled, plot a mess, sharing this choatic scenery will be mortifying.

How do you like that? I've been trying to rap recently, but it seems I can barely do it in words and not verbally. :( Me and my older sister are about the same height, and we are always told that we look alike. Even our own father keeps mixing up our names although hers is LaTasha. People say we are younger than we look also. Not good at blogging or extending, but I do like to get to the point more than most of then time, and don't like to be around others that much.

I hope everybody had fun yesterday on the 14th of Feb, but a meteor hitting Russia like an atomic bomb? Was the mayans wrong or right?:confused:
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