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introducing my self

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Hi my name is Flo I have small gardened many many years flowers roses and at times tomatoes. This year my foster children and I made a huge garden with a little of every vegetable you can think of. I am 70 years old so it was not with ease but, we had a pretty successful garden for a beginner. Next year we want a big garden again but we want to know more and make our own mulch. So we was wondering if among the usual things I read about mulching you can use your cleaned off stalks and bushes to mulch with too. We live in Nebraska and deal with a lot of tornado's every year but we survived them this year. I am the mother of 5 biological children and 50 foster children I have taught them all what little I know about gardening but want to learn more. Thanks every one.
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that is so awesome that you do this for kids. I am going to say check out the back to eden video. It is well worth it to save on labor and still get a wonderful harvest.
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