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Introducing Myself

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My name is Linda, I live in La Mesa, Ca which is in zones 9 -11 just outside of San Diego. I live on 2/3 of an acre which I share with my husband, 2 boys and 7 chickens. I recently completed the 6 month long training program to become a Master Gardener. At this point, I am an average gardener at best. I am working hard to practice what I have learned but my trial and errors often seem more like Darwin's survival of the fittest. One of my problems is poor soil. With 7 pooping machines grazing in the yard, I hope to improve my soil problems very soon. Meanwhile, I would love to learn from my fellow Gardeners when I have a specific issue.
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hello, nice you could join us. I am new to gardening but not farming. I have been slowly expanding and learning about gardening and growing veggies for only the last 4 years. but when it comes to animals been raising and training them for over 30 yrs. My family is my husband and I plus three horses,2 donkeys,15 chickens,4 dogs,1 barn cat, and for 6 months out of each year 2 or 3 hogs. I want a small dexter cow for both milk and breeding her for a calf to raise for beef. I have had goats and sheep in the past but not currently. I have the composting thing down had years of practice with that just never used it till the last 4 just put it on the pasture. so if you have critter questions I will answer as best as I can. I am north of you in western washington. it is a myth that it rains all the time we get sun too:)
hi captmom..welcome..i have a 600 sq foot garden..this will be my second year..i love it but i am getting nervous again as the time draws near to start planting...i am never sure what i am it worked ok for me last year...i would like to get more of a harvest this is so much fun to learn..and the folks here are very helpful...happy gardening.
Hi and Welcome to the board! looking forward to hearing more about your gardening.
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