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introducing myself

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Hello, I live between zones 8 and 9 in South East Tx. I have been playing around with raised beds the last couple of years without a whole lot of luck. This year I planted in the ground. We'll see what happens. I'm interested in raising vegetables for my family to cut grocery store costs (I hope)
I'm hoping this site can help me out with any problems I might have with insect control and any other problems that pop up. I'd like to stay as organic as possible so I did a lot of companion planting as well as putting out flowers that keep pests away from the vegetables. Hope it works!!
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hello..welcome to the forum..thank you for sharing...there are alot of folks that are very helpful.. i know this fourm has helped me many times..i plant in the ground as well..this is only my second year, my first year was a success for being my first time gardening...i hope this year brings a better yield.i have learned alot...happy gardening.
hi welcome to the forum, I do raised beds using organic methods. I am up in western washington state. No it's doesn't rain all the time that is a myth. :)
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