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Introducing Myself

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Hello, My name is Jerri and I live in Minnesota (zone 4b) and this is my 3rd year of gardening.... sort of. My first garden I had 3 years go was wonderful. Most of what I planted created a pretty good yeild of veggies. I then moved to a different rental to a different town and the soil was terrible. I didnt get a very good result at all. Last summer, since we were house hunting, I did a few tomatoes in containers because I didnt want to plant a full garden and then have to leave it.
We've since purchased our new home (Oct 2012). This home is in the same town so I can only guess the soil will be just as bad. I have a line of pine trees in the back of the house so I am planning on constructing raised beds this year. I like the thought of getting to build my own soil.

Ive started seedlings indoors this years. Ive started 7 types of tomatoes, peppers (hot and sweet), cucumbers (im thinking too early), and herbs.

I plan on adding asaragus and potatoes to my garden this year. Ive been researching on potato planting and still trying to figure out if Im going to plant them in the beds or containers. Im leaning toward containers for space saving. Id like to get some ideas on that.

What Id like to get out of this site?

* I would llike to learn alot about what I dont know about garden. Im still fairly new at this and would love to get some wonderful ideas and thoughts from others out there that are far more experienced.

* I would like to learn about raised bed gardening. What others use in thier soil. How the beds are made.

* I would like to find some really nice and great people out there that have the same interests as me and create some great gardening friends.

Thank you for reading and I hope to better my gardening skills and profit alot better this year then the last couple years. My root cellar is pretty empty right now and in dier need of some canning goods.

Now if only the snow would melt and the ground would warm up so I can get going on getting serious this year.
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welcome! this site is a wealth of gardening information. about the raised beds, I started a few years back by gardening the lasagna way. Its very easy and inexpensive. You can search on your pc about lasagna gardening. It is the on;y way I would garden now that I have experienced it first hand. I believe several on this site garden this way. again, welcome
good gardening
hello..welcome to the is one idea for making a raised garden bed...if you youtube it there are all kinds if ideas..happy gardening.....
I had to restart my compost bin due to the move, so Im starting all over
Hello and welcome to the forum, I too do lasagna,raised beds living in western washington I have rocky acidic soil for the most part.And wen I say rocks I mean the kind that break augers and tillers, not the puny ones that are annoying.I also live with in a mile of salt water which adds a twist to the air (makes it a bit salty)and 600 feet above sea level between 2 mt ranges. micro climate area maxed out. :) raised bed are wonderful,I top mine off every winter with horse poo, hay,news paper shredded,chicken bedding/poo and wood chips in layers some times grass clippings/leaves,or composted dirt from the local gravel pit top soil place. This way of gardening you don't suffer from soil compaction or crawling around on your knees plus you save on fuel since you don't till it up ever, keeps a nice balance in the soil of microbes and good bugs also keeps the weeds down :)
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Ive looked a bit this morning on lasagna raised beds and will do more throughout the day but that looks like something that I could do. The spot where I would be placing my raised beds is very dippy due to the pine tree roots being very close to the ground surface, I would even begin to want to till that area. I have other sunny spots in the yard to place smaller beds but I do have mostly shade areas but have some full sun areas to work with.
I think the coldest days are now behind us. Weather report says gradually getting warmer from now on....
some things can be grown in shaded areas such as collard greens, spinach,lettuce,and other type of leafy greens such as beets and turnips. Don't forget to include flowers as they help keep good bugs near your veggies for better production plus they make for nice spring and summer flower arrangements in the house.
Good to know what I can grow in shaded areas thank you. I do flowers too, gotta get those bees working :)
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