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Hello, I am happy to join this forum. I started growing vegetables for the first time two years ago and am now on my third season. I have two plots ,each 20'x20', in a community garden about 15 minutes from where I live. We all are growing organically. We have every pest known (cucumber beetle + wilt, cabbage catepillars, Mexican bean beetles, carrot flies, flea beetles, wild turkeys (eat tomatoes). The chipmunks have been fierce this year (mild winter, early heat)--in spite of this- it is pure heaven to spend time in the garden. Last year and this year I have started much from seed (tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, Thai basil, parsley, nasturtium, echinacea, marigolds). I view gardening as a continuing learning process-a mix of success and failure.
I look forward to learning from this forum.
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