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Introduction to Doug Funk

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I married in 1977 and planted my first garden. It was newly plowed grassland and the soil was wonderful. A few years later we sold that house and my next garden was awful. The soil was old and worn so I started adding hay each fall. It has improved every year. We live in southwest Colorado at 6,800 feet elevation so our growing season is limited. Final freeze is about May 25 and fall frost can be in late August. Gardners here learn to cover their tomatoes. I always say I intend to rid the garden of every volunteer plant, but I usually save something that has big round leaves like a pumpkin. Sometimes these volunteers are crosses and they are seldom worth anything. My wife and own a weekly newspaper which is for sale. If we can find a buyer I will have all kinds of time to invest in the garden. My favorite crop is tomatoes and I suspect my next is cucumbers. I just recently realized that I eat a cucumber of some form almost every day. In summer I have a slicer and in winter a pickle. Last year my new crop was tomatillos. This year I have ordered edamame seeds for the first time.:)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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