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Hello! I'm Bill from Central Ohio, USA, growing zone 6A. I've been an off and on gardener most of my adult life. Lot's of perennials and annuals throughout the garden beds. Trying to focus more on native plantings and milkweed for the Monarchs. I'm going to try tomato plants (from seed) again this year. Using CowPots, PitttMoss potting mix for starting seeds, well amended soil at planting time, straw mulch, good plant spacing, and a hybrid terracotta/gallon jug watering system. If things go well, I'll be back in the tomato growing business once again. :cool:
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Go Bill! Welcome to the forum!
Welcome Bill...I am trying to grow some tomatoes etc from seed this year. Never tried it before, but with the cost of bedding plants around here, thought I would give it a try.
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