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Hello to all. I 'googled' Fall vegetable gardening and came upon this lovely site. I have a rekindled interest in growing vegetables after years of absence. Gardened when our children were young and would can tomatoes etc. I am a retired R.N. Interested in all the information this site can provide. I live in the Northeast. Wondering what are the best crops from seed I can now plant for the Fall harvest? Other interests and hobbies are surfing the internet, knitting, sewing and crocheting. And so far the garden has produced: tomatoes, zucchini and cucumber. I've already made zucchini muffins from one large zucchini I picked..... Shredded the remainder of the zucchini and froze in one cup packets for future baking.
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I don't know the answer to your fall gardening question as I live on the west coast, so not sure on the differences in what can be planted. Hopefully someone else will chime in that lives out your way and does fall gardening.
hello, from the west coast. I am in my 3rd yr of gardening.
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