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I hope all your gardens are thriving and you're finding that you have so much you have to can your food!

things have been off to a slow start in my garden. High temps most of the summer delayed my beans from blossoming, but now my pole beans are getting lots of flowers so I think I might still get enough beans to do some canning. Probably not like the 50-60 jars I've done in past years though.

My cucs have been bountiful, so I've been making some sweet pickles with those. Just made another batch last night.

I also picked about 22 lbs of peaches at an orchard yesterday, so will be making some peach jam and canning that.
And I got about 35 ears of sweet corn and got 20 pints from that.
My tomatoes should give me quite a few also, once they get around to ripening, so I'll be making some sauce and canning that.

Not a huge canning year for me, but I'm getting a few things.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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