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Jessi's intro

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Hello fellow veggie gardeners! I am Jessi from Florida, zone 10 I have been attempting gardening for several years with little to no success... Well everything grows at first, but I have suffered through many garden traumas, from pests to overwatering, nutrient defficiencies, and everything else you can imagine. I have not lost hope however each issue simply makes us more aware. Very happy to have found the Veggie Gardener Forum so that I can discuss problems before my whole attempt of a garden is completely wiped out. I want big volumptious tomatoes, cucumbers, all sorts of squash, herbs, carrots, lettuces, spinach, etc. I am thinking 2014 is the year I am gonna make it happen, and at least supplement SOME of my regular produce that I buy from the store or produce stands. Looking forward to chatting with other gardeners to keep me on my toes! Happy Gardening to ALL! 8-D
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hello, you should be able to do all you want and then some that is a perfect climate for growing peppers and tomatoes. carrots,lettuce,potato's,peas like cool weather and are best grown in winter in your area. and the heat loving plants should be right on the heels of the cool weather ones.
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