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Hi Johnny, I'm also a zone 5-6 grower. I live in Wilmington, Ohio and own a Florist/Garden Center. We (along with Wilmington College) started a Tomato event 3 years ago. I don't know if it will interest you, but the 3rd Saturday in August (18th) we will be showcasing over 100 different varieties of tomatoes for the public to try. We actually are growing nearly 125 varieties at the Farms at the College to observe tolerances to disease, habit and yield. This year we are going to add acidity trials on tomatoes.

The event is free to the public and I sponsor a "heaviest tomato" and "best tasting tomato" competition with cash prizes.

Good Luck on the rabbits. We have customers who try Marigolds, Blood Meal, Cayenne Pepper and other home remedies, but physical barriers seem to have more success. Deer, ground hogs, raccoons and rabbits are a nuisance and sometimes dogs and cats. A lot of the remedies are based on stench, but our experience of success is to have a physical barrier (fence) or some kind of bait for a trap.
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