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It looks to be an early and warm Spring here in East Texas, so I seeded my carrots. I have never had much luck with carrots, so I put in some extra effort this year in hopes of a decent harvest. As you can see in the photos, I am using drip tape for irrigation to keep the pelleted seeds moist till germination. This seems to be a major hurdle here in our sandy soil as it drys out within hours during the day. The drip is on a timer to water the seeds every 6 hours. Of course the dogs walked all over the soft plot as you can see too. LOL

I also planted seed potatoes. I sprinkled bone meal in the furrow and dropped in the potatoes. I always seem to have a huge harvest of potatoes using this method.

Anyone else planting anything yet? I realize my good neighbors to the North are still experiencing cold and snow yet. I am fortunate to have some warm sunny days here, but I will be squalling about the 110F temps later on this Summer.
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