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Hi Fellow Gardeners- I'm new to the group but have been organic gardening for about 40 years now. I am presently the coordinator of a large community garden in zone 5.
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I too am new to the group, and I have been gardening for a long time too - 5 whole months!! (LOL!) I got off to a late start, started with too much zest and not enough self control and sacrificed a lot of innocent lives! It is the first time I have given myself permission to have a garden, so I have a LOT of lessons ahead to learn - I wish I had started many years ago!

I have learned SO much in this short time and have made a lot of mistakes, but made a number of good choices too. I have constructed 2raised beds - 6' x 8' - under my clothes-line and in the next 2 weeks will be adding the fertilizers and manure and tilling the dirt in the first one and have a lot of plans for it over the coming fall.

I am in the process of starting Wax Beans, Contender Beans, Cabbage, Iceburg and EZ Serve Lettuce, Carrots, Beets and 2 varieties of Peas. I have some Onion seeds I will start later this week. I have already put out some Black Eyed Peas, Bush and Pole Beans and my Pole Beans from the first garden (put out in June) are nearing the end of their run. Near the end of the Fall season - going into Spring and Summer - I want to try my hand at Potatos, Butterstick Squash, Cucumbers (a yellow variety along with the regular green), 6 varieties of Peppers, Tomatoes and even Radish's.

Looks like it is going to be a busy Fall season for me!
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