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leaf blower.

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how about if i pollinate my corn with a leaf blower set on
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it would be funny, kinda makes me chuckle out loud when thinking about my corn and hoping the wind blows the correct direction? I didn't do conventional rows so that should help. planted it in a triangle and fairly close together with some squash as ground cover. so far so good but here in western washington it is barely reaching 70 degrees so far this year and I worry that plants are just not going to develop well enough to produce much. should just plant some more cold weather crops like carrots,lettuce,and spinach so some thing grows well.
my corn is starting to tassel wanna bring the leaf blower? ;) no wind,temps hovering around 70 during the day for now high 50's low 60's at night. no tomatoes for me:(
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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