Although sowing seeds is a fairly easy thing to do, trying to sow very tiny seeds, like carrots, turnips, lettuce, or kohlrabi, can sometimes be a pain in the patoot. It seems like some seeds always end up getting spilled all over the place, or too many get sowed in one spot.

There's always the choice to create an easy seed tape for those tiny seeds, but there are moments there isn't much time for that if they aren't made in advance.

Trying to solve this dilemma, I jumped on Amazon to see if I could find something for sowing very small seeds. I came across the Leaf Luster Mini-Seedmaster and decided to give it a try.

The Leaf Luster Mini-Seedmaster

At first glance the Mini-Seedmaster looks like a big plastic syringe, and that's pretty much what it is.

It has a clear plastic casing which makes it very easy to see the contents of the seeder. This is very important when using it because you want to gauge how many seeds are getting ready to spill out of the end.

The operation of the seeder is pretty straightforward.

The bottom end of the seeder is a removable cap where the seeds are poured in. Once the Seedmaster is filled with seeds, simply press the plunger down a bit to disperse a couple seeds where needed.

The Mini-Seedmaster Has a Removable Cap for Filling with Seeds
The Mini-Seedmaster Filled with Lettuce Seeds

The plunger is spring-loaded so the tension can easily be adjusted depending on how many seeds are needed to come out. It doesn't take much pressure to release just a couple seeds, and it's very easy to press too hard and suddenly have a small pile of seeds.

It takes a few practice tries to figure out how far to press the plunger down to get the desired amount of seeds released.

The "needle" of the Mini-Seedmaster has a groove cut in it to direct the seeds out as the plunger is pressed down. This helps control the flow of seeds and reduce the chances of a mass-spillage of seeds all over creation.

The Grooved Needle Helps to Control the Flow of Seeds

The Mini-Seedmaster can be used fore sowing seeds directly in the vegetable garden, and for sowing seeds in trays indoors.

Pros of the Leaf Luster Mini-Seedmaster

    • The Leaf Luster Mini-Seedmaster does a pretty good job of dispersing small seeds very easily and is very inexpensive

    • It is made of sturdy plastic and should last for a very long time. The only part that could go bad would be the spring or the small o-ring

    • Makes for much easier sowing over doing it by hand, and saves seeds from accidental spills and over-sowing

  • Reduces the need for thinning after seedlings have emerged

Cons of the Leaf Luster Mini-Seedmaster

    • It takes some practice to get used to pressing the plunger to disperse the seeds. Pressing it too far will quickly dump too many seeds out at once

    • The small o-ring that seals the seeder at the top, just below the spring, can become unseated very easily causing seeds to come out, and the plunger will not spring back into the proper location


The Leaf Luster Mini-Seedmaster does have some slight flaws, but overall it is a very useful and simple tool for sowing very small seeds. I would practice using it some to get a feel for getting the amount of seeds you want to come out before using it to sow your seeds.

All-in-all it is a great little tool to have for starting your small vegetable seeds.

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