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I was looking at the ad that the site is giving away items for the folks that post here on a random basis.

after an experience I had last week my Girl Friend said "Hey you need this"
This is what she saw the site here is giving away.

10 x Dr. T's Nature Products Snake-A-Way Snake Repelling Granules 1.75lb regularly $9.99

Now(Like Paul Harvey) I'll give you the "rest" of the story.
A week or so back my girlfriend was outside in the garden with her grand kids. I have a few blackberry vines that were producing well. So she decided she'd pick and eat some with the kids. Needless to say I have put a net over the berry to keep birds out.
Well one of the kids comes running in yelling "Snake Snake". SO I go outside to see what is going on.
Seems what happened is a large black snake had tried to use the netting to try and climb up so he could get some berrys also. But he got all tangled up in and was caught....
Below I posted a pic of him all tangled up.
So I go into the house and get my scissors and start cutting the netting around him to get him free. OF COURSE before I started I studied the situation closely to make sure I couldn't get bit. Seems he had his head and about the next five inches free,.. then was all twisted up for about two or three feet,.. and the last couple feet of him was free.
SO I grabbed onto him at the closest point to where he was free... no doubt he wrapped his tail around my arm in defense. Of course that was good with me since that way it wasn't all twitching around and in the way. LOL
Next I starts snipping the net away from his body... working my way up towards his head. I got to within five or six inches of his head, and then I had to stop.
I unwound him from around my arm and called my girlfriend over, and told her that SHE was going to have to finish cutting him out... of course she said "OHHHH NOOO"
I convinced her I'd be in control and she'd be perfectly safe. I reached up behind his head and grabbed him by the top of the head and below his jaws. (kind of like when you hold a snake to milk it)
Then I took my other hand and grabbed the body. Once she saw the snake wasn't going anywhere.. she was a real trooper. She eased the scissors into the net and finished cutting him loose. I measured him at about five feet, and walked him down to the edge of the woods and turned him loose. He slithered away happy to be free of that mess I am sure.

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OH OH something I forgot to mention.

I know MANY folks have the theory that "the ONLY good snake is a DEAD snake".... please don't feel this way.
FYI if you have black snakes in your yard or wood piles... LEAVE them alone. I have two large stacks of wood out in the yard. I have a PAIR of black snakes that live in each stack. The thing most people don't know is that BLACK snakes are good to have around.
1) they won't hurt you.
2) they eat rodents, etc that can get in your garden, and
3) (most importantly) they keep away POISONOUS snakes. If there are black snakes around, the poisonous snakes don't hang around,. (I don't know why but it's true)

Just wanted to pass this along.
SO spend a little time getting to know the difference and never kill a black snake
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