We have reached the final day of 2009, and the final day of the Looking Back at 2009 series. For the grand finale, I have chosen the best blog posts from Veggie Gardener during 2009. I will feature ten blog posts from 2009 that should prove to be informative and entertaining (at least I hope you think so).

It has been an honor and a privilege to get to share my gardening stories with you in 2009, but most of all for the relationships and camaraderie of so many great gardeners (and great people, too) that have visited Veggie Gardener.

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!!

5 Reasons To Grow A Vegetable Garden

Creating A Gardening Plan

Keeping A Garden Journal

Attracting Bees To The Vegetable Garden

Getting The Most Out Of A Small Garden

12 Homemade Natural Remedies For The Garden

Tips For Getting Children Involved In Veggie Gardening

10 Strange and Unusual Fruits & Veggies

Best Mulches To Use In The Vegetable Garden

5 Tips For Preventing Plant Diseases

I hope that you took a moment to click through these ten blog posts from 2009. If you are interested in more posts from the blog, feel free to browse the Blog.

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