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I just pulled a lot of green tomatoes yesterday because we are supposed to get frost this coming sunday night. I will do like I have in the past, and be eating my homegrown tomatoes on new years eve! We take newspaper and individually wrap each tomatoe (doesn't take long) and layer them in a cardboard box (we will have several boxes of maters,) and I keep them in my workshop which stayed 65 degrees all the winter. when we are ready for some ripe maters we pull a few out put (which are starting to turn a little red) and put in a brown bag with an apple.the apple gives off a gas that will help ripen the mater. another way to make the tomato ripen faster on the vine is a month before you know your first frost is to TOP the plant. and another way, (i'm full of it today!lol) is to take a butcher knife, start 8-10 inches away from the bottom of plant and stick the knife in the ground about 6-8 inches deep and cut in a semi-circle half way around the plant. the roots are cut on that half of side and the plant thinks its time to die back. I know this sounds wierd, but it works. I am going to be 71 this nov and I have learned a great deal from some pretty good oldtimer gardeners
SAve them maters!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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