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Hi everyone,
I'm Lucy. I an a new gardener. 10 days ago I built a raised garden bed and put in some seedlings. We put in leeks, corn, zucchini, eggplant, capsicum, raddish and cucumbers. 10 days in and im already wishing I did things differently with garden lay out. I also have a rockmelon vine that sprouted in the compost heap. I'm from Sydney, Australia. I am interested in growing vegies and herbs! In the future I also need to put in some flowers to attract the bees. I want to learn about growing vegies and also how to build up compost and worm farms.
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hello from the other side of the globe, washington state USA. the compost part is easy simple you can compost pretty much any thing, from shredded paper to manure. don't add meat or bones to the compost but do add grass clippings,pulled weeds,dead plants,chicken,cow,horse manures all do good, all veggie scraps and eggs shells from the kitchen can be added. keep the compost bin moist and stir a couple times a week to let it have air deep down in the bin/pile. the compost area will attract worms after awhile if you keep it about as damp as a wrung out sponge. then you can pick the worms out of that and start a worm farm.
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