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I am new to this forum , please bear with me. I wanted to comment on the " Big Daddy "tomatoe. This is my second year growing them.Mine are uniformly large , very productive , healthy and taste wise are very good. They are not a ten ( about an 8) but stand up to canning very well. Next year I will plant more. Two of my favorites are Marianas Peace and Cher. Purple for slicers. Fourth of July , Sweet Million , Black cherry for snacking.
I am John from about 3 miles south of beautiful Lake Huron in Marysville , Michigan. Zone 6. I am retired 2 years. Have been gardening many years. We had 25 tomato plants this year. We share with the neighbors, my daughters and the canning kettle.My wife just did 30 pints of our peaches and froze some. She has frozen some Butternut squash. We will be starting sauerkraut soon.We also 3 day brined our "pickle bush " cukes.
My question is: has anyone used the La Motte soil test ki?. The one that runs about $68. Thanks Materluver
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