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I have a two-part question.
1. Should I use Miracle-Gro to make my tomatoes produce more? I have seen some say never to use it because it will just make the plants grow tall with little fruit. Others dislike it simply because it's not natural/organic. Then, I hear of others who swear by it. Some say not to use it until the plants start to flower and then use it. So, is it a quality product that will make vegetables produce more or is the company making millions with a worthless product?

2. Can I use cow manure to make a "tea" to fertilize. In a similar fashion, I've seen people say to never use it because of bacterial concerns. That sounds reasonable, but farmers dump tons (literally, tons) of raw cow manure on farm fields as fertilizer to grow our corn, beans, peppers, etc., and our nation is not being swept by raging contagions (good name for a band)! So, what's the real deal? Is raw cow manure a quality fertilizer or should farmers be banned from using it as fertilizer? One or the other needs to be the case. Can I use it in my gardens as a root soaking fertilizer?

Please give me your thoughts!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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