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Mixing plants

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I have several raised beds that I planted tomatoes (of course) peppers, cucumbers and some yellow squash and zucchini, etc. My question is what else can I grow in a box let's say that has a few zucchini plants in or tomatoes in.

Just a general question on mixing plants in the same box.
Thanks for any info.
By the way, for whatever reason, including this forum, my garden is doing the best it has ever done. Tomatoes are tall and strong with good yield, the peppers are hanging right and the squash is not showing any of the problems we've had before.
Biggest problem now is the wind on my tomato plants from tropical storm Andrea which is moving through Hampton roads as I write this. I've added some more support in hopes of limiting any damage s they really look good.

Thanks for your help.
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I mix and match plants all the time in my raised beds, if there is space to add some thing well it get added. I currently have onion,broccoli,strawberry,and lettuce all in the same bed! they are doing great. also have asparagus,collards and spinach together in a bed, then there are the potatoes carrots and tomatoes in the other raised bed, how about potatoes,corn and squash together too. they like being all mixed up and in some cases it helps to confuse the bad bugs or chase them away. I tend to just wing it and fill in open spots with what ever I think will work there.
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