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My Baby's need Help!

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i think my seedlings are dying and im not sure why. Any help would be appreciated.
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I tried those pod things and didn't have much luck with them. That said, those do look a bit dry. I think I would have more wateer in the trays.
Are you using artificial lighting or just sunlight in the window?
BTW, what are we tring to grow here?
Its artificial and sun mix. I have 2 small t5 lights i use. Maybe if i reintroduce the lid it will help keep them moist. And its honestly a little bit of everything. Tomatoes to bunching onions.
My understanding is that once a seed germinates you should remove the cover and leave it off.
The only things I try and grow ahead of time are tomatoes and peppers......Everything else from onions, cucumbers sqashes etc I direct seed in the ground when warm enough. I have radishes and onions in my planters outside now. I am in zone 5b.
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Yeah i made the mistake of buying sets instead of seeds, and didn't realize that sets are not guaranteed onions because they are second year onions and may just grow flowers. So i need to get some seeds and restart. I hade one guy on Reddit tell me he leaves his lids on until his tomatoes reach the top. Suggested mine look a little bit dry which they do. So reintroducing the lid would help keep the pods from drying out as fast. I do have a fan on them, probably don't help with them drying out. I appreciate you getting back to me on this as well, i really appreciate it.
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Yes a little moisture is needed for sure. Lids will help with the evaporation. It also helps to very lightly mist the seedlings using a squirt bottle. I mist them throughout the day to keep them moist. Keep us posted on your success!
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