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My big end of season SIGH!

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This is the hard part! My summer garden is all done and I miss it. I'm down to and cooking up the last of my veggies.

Even though I watered every day during the scorching heat I didn't produce enough to store. My 2 cherry trees produced 1 cherry each. My nectarine tree was infected by some gross bacteria that made the leaves look like they were burnt and the fruit was ruined by some weird worm things. My 30 strawberry plants produced about 30 strawberries, the chipmonks got under the netting and swiped most of those. Japanese beetles destroyed the leaves on my baby fruit trees. Squash vine borers destroyed my squash early in the season even though I diligently dug them out of the stems. Crickets got word that I had a garden and came through like a plague of locusts. There where ittly bitty flying white bugs and black bugs hovering like clouds of demons chomping away at everything. Whew! I'm tired. Everything that survived was yummy though.

My fall garden of greens, carrots, radishes, and chard are growing and taking care of themselves and I get to eat fresh for a little bit longer.
My garlic for next season has been planted. And I'm cleaning up and putting stuff away. (hate this part!)

My little nectarine tree was torn apart during a huge storm this summer but the 2 feet of trunk that survived is growing leaves like crazy. I'm worried about it. It's growing like its spring time. The leaves are green instead of turning brown. I have no idea what to do about it.

I've made a few resolutions while I sit on my hands until it's time to start my seedlings for next summer.
*Learn to be orderly. My garden was a big ole sprawling mess of greenery and insects. (loved every inch of it!)
*Learn how to compost without stinking up the house and having to handling gross slimey stuff that I end up tossing out. Fertilizer is expensive and I will have tons of leaves by the end of fall. I will not put them at the curb for pick up.
*Stop trying to grow everything! I lost a lot of time and money planting things that just weren't suited for my location or the media that I tried to grow it in. If I grow in pots again, I need to get suitable pots with a bit of insulation and water reservoirs. Those flimsy black pots from the garden center were not a good choice.
*Don't read and drool over every seed catalog and order seeds just because the colors make me happy. Unless someone gifts me with some farmland, there is no way I can grow every type of seed that I have.

Okay I think I'm done sighing. I might as well go ahead and thumb through this seed catalog that I'm sitting on. ;)
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Shannon, it looks like you have had your share of garden "demons" this year. But sounds like you made it through and learned some good lessons. But after all, isn't this what gardening is all about? It would be nice to have a perfect garden, but I'm not sure that will ever happen, although some have come close. This has been a very unusual growing year, with a very mild winter and a very hot & dry summer in my part of the country as well as everwhere else. We try not to give up but like you learn from the past crops and mistakes. But look on the bright side..We have all winter to plan for a better year next year, and plenty of time to drool over all the seed & garden catalogs!
good luck gardening, and plan, plan, plan!!
^^agreed. Make it a learning experience. Use the fall season to gather information to be prepared for the spring.
I learn some thing new each year, some stuff does good others do crappy, barely got any sweet peas this year maybe enough for one or two meals at best. carrots roughly the same seems they just didn't want to grow and stayed small. the things that exploded where green beans,squash,beets,lettuce,onions,potatoes and corn. will see what happens next year will probably get the opposite! this year I am also going to do some stuff differently and add some more raised beds.
I have a problem growing carrots. I have lasagna beds, but I don't know what I do wrong but everything else usually I do ok with.
good luck gardening
I got me a kitchen compost holder it has a filter to keep the smells from happening and it takes biodegradable bags so all I do when it is full is tie up the bag walk out to the garden and fling it in.
My garden is definatley a learning experience! Good and bad, I'ved loved it all so far. :)

Thanks Stephanie! I like that kitchen composter bio bag thing. I'll look for one of those.
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