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My composting failure

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I’m a big failure. Lol. I opened up my compost bin that has all the kitchen scraps from over the winter. I had a pile of leaves beside it an put them in when it wasn’t frozen. It is a big slimy smelly mess at the bottom. I think not enough leaves or it doesn’t get enough air. I have better luck it seems just putting the stuff in a pile. Maybe I should have let it sit longer this spring and build some heat. Going to look for some pallets to make a bin that will get more air circulation.

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Have you put cardboard or paper in between the layers of kitchen waste?
That's what i do and i don't put brown leaves in, i just put them on the garden where i want them to be.
Are there any worms in the top?
I think my ratio of greens to vrown was way out. Probably 1/2 and 1/2, whereas it should be a lot more browns. I don't really get much cardboard, so use the leaves. I didn't see any worms, but wasn\t really looking. My piles that sat all year have lots.
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I put my bins on the patio slabs, don't have trouble with any wildlife. Perhaps you didn't leave it long enough.
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