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My first time gardening

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I belong to Ray (Butch) Thompson, I am his baby girl by seven minutes for i am a twin to Rayan. My daddy grew tomatos and I never was interested. Now since i lost him a month ago, I planted Tomatos after my brothers, twin and myself named "Ray, Riah, Rayan and myself, Ranay." They are growing strong. I love to cook and i want to grow things that help aid me in cooking. So I am now trying expecially with my tomatoes and now i planted sweet green onions and Banana peppers along with strawberry. I don't know how to do this and I am trying and so far my tomatoes are growing tall and strong. I and my other half who is also a twin like I am has been helping me. His name is Ray go figure. This is me right now, trying to help myself with the pain of losing my daddy pooh. For anyone that cares, you can find me on Facebook with [email protected][email] I am from Ponca City Oklahoma. I would appreciate any help. and help me with my questions and wonders of finding some way to make my first tiny garden grow. I would be so ever thankful to anyone that can help.
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great nice to have you hear to join in growing veggies. sorry about your loss.
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