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My garden buddy

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I just wanted to show my life time garden buddy, friend, and wife of soon to be 52 years! She has been a very big help both in support and as you can see, manual labor! :)
She is helping out with all the wood chips
May you all be as blessed as I have


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you have a beautiful garden buddy...blessings to both of you.
thank you Angel, and hope you have a great and successful gardening year :)
thanks Hooker, got her young and trained her right! lol, or might be the other way around!:)
Ooooooooo I aint gonna touch that one,,,,

mine's gonna werk me ta death,,, so her & her new hubby can enjoy my garden...
UNTIL then I'm gonna enjoy every minute of her help!!!!!

hope he knows how ta raise werms cuz she doesnt & loves ta FISH & she CLAIMS ta out catch me EVERYTIME WE GO.....
(only cuz I bait her hook & take off her fish).................................
aaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaa!! Hooker but we do have fun! lol
heck yeah we Have Fun.....

woodnt change a thing!!!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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