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I'm not sure what is up, but everything started out looking so nice but now that it's time for the plants to be producing, I'm just not getting much at all or things are not maturing well. Tomatos are real poor this year. I have one cherry tomato plant full of flowers, but none of them developed into tomatos. not one single cherry tomato. My other tomato plants haven't gotten nearly as big as they have in the past (not even getting taller than the cages around them, even though in past years I've had to stake up branches that grew out of the top of the cages and were loaded with fruit. This year the tomatos are the size of a small lime, if even that. Cucumbers are a fail, carrots aren't growing much more than 3 inches and are odd shapes, beets are small.
looks like I'll get a decent crop of jalapenos and thai peppers though (which I don't even need as I still have dried ones from last year and now I'm probably going to have to BUY tomatos to make my salsa! lol ) . And my beans are okay. not as prolific as years past, but still picking enough to have with dinners. Last year I canned about 40qts (still have about 10 in the pantry too).
very disappointing when you put so much time into prepping the garden, planting, fertilizing, watering, weeding, pruning, etc. and very little to show for it.
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