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Sky Wood Tree Public space Composite material

greenhouse proceeding on time. got a lot done today but suppose to be rain and bad weather all the rest of this week. so that may slow me down! the highest point will be 11 ft inside and 8 ft the lowest point. I decided to build and upper jack wall and will have windows all the way across. down below will also have glass all the way across. this will be the 12ft side and faces south. the northern side or the back side is wood siding and will be insulated to protect against north wind and cold. the 8 ft ends will be solid glass made from double pane sliding doors but will be mounted in fixed frame. the right side 8 ft will be the door side and I have double pane French doors one will be made to open for the door. For the roof I am using the clear corrugated roofing the kind commercial greenhouse's use. I will have a window fan and thinking of propane thermostat heater for when it gets below freezing which is not to often here where I live. It will have 12"x12" pavers for the floor and some black barrels for water and giving off heat at night. If anyone has any suggestions or advise for hobby greenhouses please let me know for this will be my first Greenhouse that I have ever had or built!
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