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My Intro

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Hi all,

My name is Brian and I'm in zone 5b. I've been gardening roughly 5 years and cannot get enough of peppers, from mild all the way up to the scorpion.

I'm mostly interested in learning new composting techniques but definitely looking forward to gaining knowledge/wisdom from everyone on the how-to's of gardening. And maybe even sharing a bit as well ;)

Glad to be here!
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Hi Brian!
I love peppers too! My favorite is monkey face. Hot, sweet, and citrus-y. Yum. I started composting 2 years ago. It's pretty cool when you get unexpected vegetables growing in them. This summer my wire bins were ready but I had to get the wasps and some other critters out of them. I swore I wouldn't do it again but the results were so beautiful and fluffy that I probably will. So I saved a few cans of shredded leaves just in case and I've started shredding paper (just in case). I think I'll try it in closed containers if I do start it up again. LOL
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