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I don't know about you, but I love looking at the photos of everyone's gardens in various stages of emergence. So I thought I'd add mine to the mix.

Plant Tree Sky Wood Natural landscape

It's a bit messy at the moment. The garbage cans you can see have potatoes planted in them. The mess in the far left corner is a hoop house that the wind dismantled last week and the cardboard is what's left after I covered my lawn to kill the grass. The worms made short work of most of it over the winter but there's still a bit of cleanup left to do.

I discovered (fortunately BEFORE I rented the tiller) that my garden is pretty much right over my septic system, so I decided to go with no-till beds. I had a load of compost delivered (that big brown pile, of course!) and I'm using the Garden Claw to lift and aerate before I add compost to the beds.

The garden with the 2 potato barrels in it is going to be a flower bed to attact bees in the hopes that I'll get more than 3 cucumbers this year.

I installed the fenceposts yesterday and this weekend I'll put up the fencing. I don't dare put any seedlings out there until I have a way to keep the bunnies out. They're already all over the yard in the evenings!


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