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In an attempt to garden neater, I'm going to try more vertical gardening with cherry and indeterminate tomatoes I'm planting lots of them this season. They are the most popular item in my garden and the colors and flavors blow me away.

This year's lovelies include
Aunt Ruby’s German Cherry
Green Envy
Yellow Currant
Chocolate Cherry
Italian Ice
Dancing with Smurfs
Black Pearl
Yellow Pear
Orange Paruche
Blue Pitts

Aunt Ruby German Green
Green Zebra
Golden Boy
Red Lightning
Japanese Black Trifele
Indigo Rose
Paul Robeson Black
Black Krim
Cherokee Purple
Fantome du Laos
White Tomesol
Red Zebra
White Queen
Black From Tula
and a handful of plants I ordered from (can't remember what they are)


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Mother Nature is throwing a fit in Illinois right now! Floods and snow flurries. My seedlings are getting so big and they want to go outside and grow. Let's pray for sunshine and heat in Illinois please and thank you! :cool:
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