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Last year, I grew so many different varieties of squash but during the last season, I save 1 giant zucchini ( at least that is what I thought it was) to replant the seeds for this year. I scattered the seeds back 4 months ago and they grow beautifully except for 1 issue - they are not the regular green zucchini that I thought I grow and I cannot identify this variety. These zucchini looks like Mexican grey zucchini, almost white/ light green with speckled. However, when I pick the one that is about the size of papaya, it turned dark green after 1 week of leaving it in the counter. The flesh is white and tender. Not woody and gritty compare with my last year green zucchini when they grow too big. Taste like baby chayote. The last time I taste any squash like this, it was about 12 years ago but from a completely white squash that I cannot identify either. I am saving the seeds this time and I really appreciate anyone that can identify this squash variety.
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