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Neem oil?

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My black eyed peas have an issue with aphids and I'm going to try out a spray of Neem oil water and dish soap. On the beans that are ready to harvest do you think I could just soak them in a similar mixture to remove the aphids?


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Low to moderate numbers of aphids do not harm to leave, But if presents on large number then it may damage to garden. Aphids can also produce large quantities of a sticky liquid known as honeydew, which often turns black with the growth of a sooty mold fungus which distorts growth. Indian Neem Oil is the best insect/pest repellent I believe, ever since my sister's garden area was got infested with rodents and have to contact Exterminator Sacramento CA from their Official site californiarodentcontrol, They suggested using Indian neem oil if in future they faced any fungus or any pest related problems in her garden area.
You could dilute the neem oil in water. The organic chemicals present in the neem oil is well known for repelling a lot of other pests as well such as bugs,cabbage worms and beetles. They are also effective in controlling many fungal infection in plants.
Neem oil is a great solution to get rid of many pests. You can dilute them in water and use it to get rid of pests.
Never heard of using neem oil for pest infestation until now. I will give it a try.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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