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New and loving it

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Hi my name is Lori and this is just my second year of growing anything outside.
Funny thing I told my new husband to not expect me to do any yard work. Now it is my favorite place to be.
This is just the second season in my home and so I am still getting to know my yard. I now know the learning part takes patience. I have this beautiful area of strawberries, that last year produced well. This year i spread them out to make it larger and was so looking forward to enjoying them, but as of yet I have not gotten to eat but a few even though they are producing well. At first I thought a family member or two were picking my strawberries before I could, but no it was the blue jays. So I got stakes and strings and put that up to keep the birds out. Now I have a mole or two? These little creatures seem to present much more of a challenge. Most say you have to kill them by hitting them, NO THANK YOU. I may not like them and wish them gone, but to actually kill something with my hands is not my style. I googled how to get rid of them and there seems to not be a full proof way to eradicate them. Dang I really want to have some strawberries for myself.
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LOL! Food battles. It took me a whole wasted season to figure out why my first crop of strawberries were vanishing. The kids swore they weren't doing it. Turns out everything and everybody loves berries.
The culprit in our garden is my australian sheperd. She loves strawberries and cherry tomatoes. Its funny to watch her gingerly pick them as we are picking.
electric fencing around the garden will keep the dog out of it :) I knew a dog that loved fresh carrots and would go down a row and pull them all up just as they got to the right size to harvest.
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