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new around here

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while i have never done any serious gardening, i have grown pumpkins, tomatoes, jalepenos & herbs in the past. now that we have purchased our own home, i am looking forward to having a bit more space to play with to try my hand at other vegies. :)

i am originally from nothern california but have been living in germany for several years now. according to the zone map, looks like i am on the border of zone 6 & 7.

i have had some success with herbs (lemon balm & sage did the best) so will definitely have a large herb section in the new garden. i enjoyed growing pumpkins so much am looking for ideas to grow them that won't take too much space. i would also like to try chili peppers again - although my previous attempt did not produce peppers with much heat. tomatoes will also be in the new garden. store bought tomatoes just can not compare!

if all this snow would just hurry up & melt! so anxious for spring to come so i can start the new garden.
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