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New from Upstate New York

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Hi Everybody,
My name is Rebecca. I am getting ready to start my second, but hopefully first successful veggie garden in my backyard. I'm at the boarder of zones 4 and 5. Over the next few years, and hopefully by 2020, I would like to be able to grow the majority the produce our family eats in a year. I'm a mostly Stay At Home Mom who homeschools, so I have time and a great little helper.

This year the plan is to grow tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, a few cucumber plants, and peas, along with putting in two blueberry bushes, three apple trees, and attending to a blackberry stalk that has been growing for a few years but still hasn't produced anything- it's been mowed over just about every time someone else mowed the lawn :(.

I would like to work on getting some edible landscaping as well, but I think I've got enough to get started on.
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