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Hello everyone, LarryG here looking for help. Just started container gardening last year. I live in Zone 10 in the lower desert of So. Cal. The idea of zones seems like an inaccurate measure. It is set for cold only and not much help for those of us who live in extreme heat. Last year I lost most plants to heat not realizing I need to completely readjust my growing season. This is what I am looking for help with.

My weather seems to go like this: Dec. 15- Jan. 15 is what I would call winter, temp lows 33-45 and highs 55 - 75, with 3-4 days of overnight lows dipping into freezing. Feb to May temp lows 45-60 and highs 75-90. May to Mid Sept temp lows 65-75 with highs 90 to 110 with most days well over 100 and several 110-120. Mid Sept to early Dec temp lows 50-70 and highs 80's - high 90's.

The challenges are many but rewards will be great if I can figure a good planting schedule. Thanks for listening!

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