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Good morning all! Tis the season here in zone 5...for our earlier crops, anyway. THE most exciting time of year for us! I've been gardening for about 30 years now, off and on...mostly on. We are strictly organic for the past 7 years, and start everything we grow from heirloom seed. No chemical fertilizers (we have rabbits for that), no pesticides or insecticides. We started our current garden 7 years ago with a 15X15 plot of pure yellow clay. What a challenge it has been to take it from clay to rich, brown soil! Last year was our first year to have "real dirt" out there. Our harvest was very well worth all the time, effort and expense to amend the soil. We also have 3, 4X16 - 1, 4X8 and 3, 4X4 raised beds. It still isn't enough room, it ever?

With limited space, we've made the choice to just grow the things we eat the most of. It has worked out well for us. I still have jars of food on the shelf from last year...but just a few. We also grow a few herbs, some for the kitchen to season everything else we grow and some medicinal. Another of my passions...herbal medicine.

Looking forward to visiting with all of you, gaining more gardening wisdom, imparting some, and making new friends. Here's to a great season for all of us!
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