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:)Hi All:
I'm Jenn in Oregon and love to garden. Our yard is small but well used and laid out. Winter is coming on here and we do get some snow but mostly freezing and tons of rain. I'll still be out in my garden though. Can't live without it. I am also a soap maker and can't live without doing that either. Not a hobby, but have my own site too so that will keep me busy during the winter months as well. Do the things you love !
Jenn in Oregon
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Hi Tammy:
the site is . I think you'll enjoy it. It plays watermark on the front page and has a fairy sitting in a waterfall. Most of the things I make are on there but not all. Not enough time before my site person quit the business. Looks like I'm going to have to close it down but still make soaps, etc. Just can't quit, you know ? I love it and it's definitely a "clean" addiction, lol. You can contact me via the contact button on the site if you like. It's nice to meet someone who is close to us here. My daughter moved to Eugene and I miss her and her daughter, my name sake. Not that far away from me but still miss them. One of my soaps is named after Granddaughter. It's called Brittany's Choice and has her face on the label. She's an incredible artist that one. Spent hours with me and her papa in the garden for 4 years while she lived close enough to be there. Now, she's 20. Bummer. Look forward to hearing from you. Blessings, Jenn
Hi John:
Nope, no greenhouse but would be wonderful to have one. I was going to ask DHusband to build me one but he's always busy remodeling our son's rentals here in Oregon. Son lives in Calif & is a police officer so little time off. Anyway, it's very nice to meet you ! Hope to see you often. How is Florida by the way . My website designer lives in Orlando and is a great designer but decided she's had enough for now. Still has my site sitting there but need someone else to help me with it. Just call me computer illiterate. Pretty much anyway.
Blessings, Jenn
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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