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Hi, I am Lily I live in North East Oregon zone 6. I work for the Forest Service and have been working as a Wildland firefighter for 11 years, I rely heavily on an automatic drip system and my friends to keep an eye on things when I’m away, I spend most of the summer away but am learning a skill and it’s nice to have a hobby in the winter that keeps me busy and learning. This is my first year growing a garden, my mom has always had a garden and I have learned a lot from her, but we don’t live very close. It’s a short distance air miles wise and very similar climate but it’s a longer drive to go visit and help in her garden. It’s been a really strange year, it was abnormally wet and cold until June and then got very hot and dry quickly. I’m excited to learn and harvest some veggies, and excited to see where this project takes me.
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