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Good morning everyone, Tom (goldpapa) here.
This year I'm off to a new start. I've been trying to ready an area for a new 10' x 12' green house (back ordered) and some raised beds. Trying the "square foot gardening" this year. I've been sort of gardening as a 'weekend' hobby off and on for about 20 years or so, never getting really serious about it. I enjoy growing vegetables and an occasional flower.
It's been a warm start this spring in the Pacific N.W. (zone 8), 80+ deg. yesterday, and still just only April.
My previous vegetable gardens were of typical rows, etc., lots of back-breaking tilling, hoeing and weeding.
Never had a green house before, so I'll hopefully find some really helpful suggestions from other members.
Looking forward to a healthy and productive season.
Grow Green.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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