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Hi everyone I am Pauline, I don't live in the US I am in the UK. I joined this forum because I like to learn as much as possible about container gardening and different growing methods. (plus make new friends) I don't have a garden I have a concrete back yard which is a decent size, I have a 8ft/6ft greenhouse (waiting to be put up due to cold and wet weather) also I have built a raised bed on the concrete and intend to build a frame for it so I can use it as a cold frame later in the year and early next year, I use the rest of the space for containers. Up to now I have tomato's, peppers, beans, peas, potato's and leeks growing along with several different types of flowers. I have only got the peas, leeks and flowers outside up to now because we still keep getting really cold nights with a few of them still frosty so everything else is indoors. For my area in the UK the last frost date won't be until the end of May so still got a while to go yet.
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hello and nice of you to join us there are a few from down under on here too. I am in western washington state (U.S.A.) kitsap county if you want to google map it. our climate is very similar tends to stay wet and cool for a long time.
Welcome! It's nice to have you on the gardening forum!
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