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I grew up in the country and I had about a 3/4 acre garden and I missed and loved it. I always said when I bought a house I would have one. This is my first garden! It is raised and it is about 16x20, which next year will be bigger:).I'm growing green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, jalapenos, green n red peppers, green onions, and cream n butter hybrid corn. I also have in pots oregano, chives, strawberries, basil, and pickled cucumbers. This my new hobby and I love it. So far my results are turning out way better than I would ever thought. My mom says I have the family GREEN THUMB. The funny thing is my brother put one in and spent 20-30$ each on his plants as mine were from saplings or seeds. Mine is blowing his away is annoyed by it!!
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some times seeds do better than transplants, welcome to the forum. my husband decided to have his own garden this year with corn,green beans and squash in it well he got it 2/3rds done and quit it is full of gorgeous weeds,corn and green beans so far. I snuck over and planted the squash so it will take off better, but my garden is producing,collars,spinach,lettuce,peas,tomatoes,squash,corn,potatoes,onions,broccoli,asparagus and is lush,weed free:)
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