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Organic gardener for 35 years. Live in forest at 2200' elevation. Surrounded by tall trees. On the longest days my garden gets less than eight hours of direct sunlight. Still managed 400+ lbs of produce last year. Raised beds. Hand tilled. Average about three by twenty feet. Fourteen for veggies. Four raspberries. Four blueberries. Built a self-watering cold sink greenhouse to extend season of fresh greens, which we've been eating non-stop all winter long for the first time ever. Just finished the last of last year's carrots. Still plenty of hard onions on hand and dozens of jars of home-canned food. Root cellar will be finished this summer and I'm growing rutabagas, beets, potatoes and cabbage to keep the carrots company in it next winter. I cook with fresh things from my garden all year round. It's been a long haul achieving this. But the more I learn, the more I realize I still don't know.
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