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NEW MEMBERS....Please stick with us.

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Hi all
It seems that there is little to no participation here. The reason for that is that the forum was neglected for many years and was dead. I decided to take it over and try to revitalize it. I have been at it for about 10 months now. Not having a lot of luck. We have a couple of members that post regularly and I really appreciate them for doing so.
We do get new members almost daily, but they have a look, see it is slow and then go away. I am hoping that these new people will make a few posts, show us your gardens etc and that will get the ball rolling.
Thanks to all that participate
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Hello Harry,
Speaking strictly for myself, we vegetable enthusiasts don't want to be spending all of our time on the internet. The odd post every couple of months or so sounds most pleasant.
Welcome....Yes, I get that. Thing is, people join up and tend to forget about us. Just want to let people we are here when they want to show their stuff etc.
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