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New Texan here...

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My name is Christi and I'm very new at gardening. My husband actually JUST finished making me an elevated gardening box and I'm going to start planting some herbs and garlic this weekend! I'm starting with herbs and garlic, and perhaps some onions first and when we make our big garden beds in the back yard, I will have some experience and hope to grow sweet potatoes, roma tomatoes, jalapenos, squash, corn, carrots, and spinach.

I am located in Dallas and joined this community in order to find any and all information on growing vegetables and herbs here, in this hot and crazy weather!
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hello and welcome to the forum, totally wish I could send some rain your way we have way too much most years. washington state :)the ever green state. spinach is best grown when the weather cools down in the fall for you same goes for lettuce's
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