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My name is Cathy, I live in Rhode Island (zone 6) For the past 10 years or so I've been rebuilding and expanding my garden. There never seems to be enough room ! I love the thought of sustainable living, started canning a couple of years ago: pickles, hot pepper jelly, pasta sauce, salsa I think you get the idea. Something new, my daughter and I discovered the corn field next to our house is rich with wild grapes and wild cranberries, so one of my next projects is to make juice so the grapes don't go bad. Just might try making some wine ! I'll let you know how that comes out :) I've been canning for over 2 months now - getting pretty tired of it so I'm preserving (freezing, drying and juicing) so in the winter months I can make the final products. Well that's enough for now, thanks for listening.:D
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hi nice you could join us, will love hearing about the wine making.
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